Zillow VS Trulia VS You and your domain

Local_Google_Search_Resutls This is my first blog article that I decided to write with my Brand New WordPress blog that will take out Zillow and Trulia within a week of writing a few updates on my free .Realtor domain…..JK Anyway, I wanted to bring up the topic of Trulia and Zillow advertising and how you could make your Real Estate Page dominate them on the SERP results for a fraction of the cost of advertising with them. There is a strong group of experienced tech agents that understand that you can use Google Pay per click and Google places to create paid ads that Zillow and Trulia can’t compete with. I use Five Street and a bunch of 3rd party software to track how much traffic I get to my Real Estate web page. I pay Zillow, Trulia and Google for Advertising every month. I figured the best way compare Realtors options with advertising would be to show you Dollar for Dollar pound for pound what your return on investment is when you decide to learn a little bit about impressions and click though conversions on the world wide web. Lets start with talking about the SERP results and what your key words are. In my area my Key Words that a person would type into the Google Search engine would be Kennewick Real Estate or Pasco Homes for Sale or Richland Real Estate. When you visit Google Search Engine and you type one of these key words into Google you are entering the SERP results and you will soon see who the competition is for the relevant traffic back to your Real Estate Page.Its Google’s goal to find the authority figure for these search topics and to give the customer using Google the best info based on what they asked for. The Google Algorithm is made out of crazy secret sauce that nobody understands but we can develop theories on what they are looking for from the people they are placing at the front of the search results and try our best to compete against our competition in the SERP results or we can do what a smart Realtor would do. We can look at Trulia and Zillow as an Endorsement that sits at the top of the organic results. All Realtors know that Trulia and Zillow don’t actually know anything about Real Estate in Richand, Kennewick or Pasco. However, when people type in these key words into Google they will land on Trulia and Zillows web page because they have tricked Google by using Realtors content and authority through out the US to build up their business. I want to show you my November 2014 online advertising and explain the results to you. The chart says 6 months but I only started tracking return on investment with five street in NOV 2014. Zillow $250.00- Green Trulia $600.00- Blue Google Ad Words $400- Web Site Yellow Google Places $75.- Web Site Yellow Leads_in_NOV-copy It does not take a rocket scientist to see that I can get more leads from my own web site without the Multi Billion Dollar companies Zillow and Trulia. Why is that I can beat Trulia and Zillow in local SERP results with Google? The answer is that Trulia and Zillow are not in the business of selling houses. They are in the business of selling ads to Realtors who display on their web page. To get their web page onto the first page of Google they like to hide links into Realtors web pages within their badge code so they can sneak a back link back to their web page tricking Google into thinking that you gave this link to Zillow or Trulia because you linked to them on purpose. Anyway- Lets look at their Zip Code Model and compare Google paid advertising with the local area or Zip Codes advertising options. When you set up your Google account restrict your ads to only display in your coverage area by city. Then when your account is fully set up call Google Ad Words and have them walk you through BID Rules to appear first for your key words in that area. I like to target only Richland, Kennewick and Pasco because those are my coverage areas. So when I log into my Google Ad Words account these key areas will make me a lot of money. However, if Zillow or Trulia Looks at these key areas they can only make as much money as a Realtor is willing to pay them to put their picture on their web page. What we can do to beat Trulia or Zillow is create ad words accounts within Google that trigger when our key words are typed into the search engine. Then we just set our budget for the key words up to $4.00 per click. Boom you Real Estate web page is now on the first page of Google paid Ad words over night. Do you think Zillow or Trulia can afford to pay Google as much as a Realtor can within the Realtors Zip Code? The only reason that I pay for Trulia and Zillow advertising is so that when people are cruising through the top of the search results they will see links back to my web page (By the way Zillow and Trulia make sure the links are no follow so there is no SEO Value). Zillow and Trulia have tricked google into thinking they have a good web page by tricking Realtors into linking to their web page. Its only a matter of time before Realtors and Google figure out that the links that are pointing at there sites were created without the Realtor knowing they were linking.