West Richland Drone Tour

West Richland Real Estate

If you click below you will that this post was created to Feature West Richland in a Drone Tour. This blog article has an embedded YouTube Video in the page that used high quality drone footage and Adobe Premier Pro to splice clips together and add music. The music was purchased with a copyright and the entire edit took about 6 hours. Well, ok maybe more but I would feel stupid letting you know how many hours I have into this post. Between the writing and the collection of content and editing.

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Tri-Cities Real Estate Photography and Syndication

Real Estate Syndication - Brandon Patton

Tri-Cities Real Estate Photography I was recently in an online discussion talking about syndication and content that is displayed on a 3rd party site (Zillow/ and Trulia)¬† and it made me think about copyright laws with photography. I was thinking about how much money I have invested into my business by buying the best Real …

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