How does Covid 19 effect Wa Realtors?

Wa Realtors and Covid 19


Covid 19 and Washington Realtors

With the new Covid 19 Pandemic Governor Jay Inslee has issued a Stay at home and stay healthy order in Washington State. This order went into effect the day after we shot this video and we were able to reach out to buyers online. We managed to get this house under contract during this order. However, the next questions are:


How will Covid 19 Impact Real Estate Sales in Washington State?

Now that we have the house under contract we still need to get through the Home Inspection, The Appraisal, and reach the closing table. The Washington Association of Realtors added a new form for Realtors to use in the Purchase and Sale Agreements that brings up the fact that computation of time may be affected by Covid 19. After all, what do you do if the state says it’s illegal to perform the nonessential tasks?

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West Richland Drone Tour

West Richland Real Estate

If you click below you will that this post was created to Feature West Richland in a Drone Tour. This blog article has an embedded YouTube Video in the page that used high quality drone footage and Adobe Premier Pro to splice clips together and add music. The music was purchased with a copyright and the entire edit took about 6 hours. Well, ok maybe more but I would feel stupid letting you know how many hours I have into this post. Between the writing and the collection of content and editing.

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Why Rent when you can buy?-Rental Homes

Home Ownership - Brandon Patton

Now is a great time to start looking for a home for sale in Tri Cities. If you are looking at Rental Homes at this time then maybe now is a good time to ask yourself why don’t you just buy a home instead of renting a home? Real Estate Market Leaders have spoken and