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Brandon Patton has lived in Tri-Cities his entire life except for when he was gone on Military Orders Serving as Active Duty in the Army. Brandon has raised 3 children in the Tri-Cities and he has been married to his High School Sweetheart for over 18 years. His wife has been by his side through 2 combat deployments, 4 degrees, and multiple jobs before his family fell into a routine and settled down in Richland Washington. Brandon purchased his first Home in Richland when he was 21 years old using a VA loan. Now at the age of 37, Brandon Patton has helped over 500 people buy homes in the Tri-Cities. Creating Purchase and Sale Agreements and Negotiating Contracts has become a routine for Brandon. As a lifelong resident, Brandon Patton is familiar with all of the Subdivisions in Tri-Cities and he is aware of the pros and cons each city has to offer. If you are thinking about buying a home and you want to start searching Tri-Cities Homes for Sale then reaching out to Brandon Patton and finding out all of the special deals he offers his clients is a great idea. Brandon Patton created Tri-Cities Real Estate Market Leaders on the principle that he only charges a 1% listing fee when he list a Home for Sale in Tri-Cities. Also, he offered a $2,000 Rebate when he gives his clients the keys to their new home. View a list of happy clients by checking out his Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, and Yelp reviews. Take a minute to browse through some of the Tri-Cities Real Estate websites that Brandon has created and check out his Resume and decide for yourself if this is the person that you want to hire to represent you on your next Real Estate transaction.

Criminal Justice Degree

When Brandon Patton was 16 years old he decided that he wanted to obtain a Criminal Justice Degree so that he could enter a career in Law Enforcement. Brandon decided to join the Army at age 17 while attending classes so that he could build up a resume to work as a cop. This worked out great since he graduated from Columbia Basin College in December 2003 however he was not allowed to attend his graduation because he had to leave for Iraq in November 2003.

Brandon Patton Criminal Justice Degree

Operation Iraqi Freedom

Brandon Patton earned this medal towards the beginning of Operation Iraqi Freedom. Shortly after the terrorist attacks of Sept 11 Brandons unit was sent orders to Deploy to Bagdad Iraq. When asked, “What is the hardest thing that you have ever gone through in life”. This deployment wins the response every time according to Brandon Patton. These orders came soon after Brandon graduated College with his first degree and just found out his wife was pregnant. The mission caused Brandon Patton to miss the Birth of his daughter Jasmin Patton and he also turned 20 and 21 while in Iraq. The daily task of his mission in Iraq involved driving up Armored Humvees and responding to IED attacks and VBIED attacks as a quick reaction force. He also completed foot patrols and apprehended known terrorists and transported them to prisons such as Abu Ghraib.

Brandon Patton Army Medal

Associate Arts and Science Degree

After spending 18 months in Iraq Brandon Patton decided to return back to school to get a 4-year degree. However, upon running a degree audit it was discovered that re-enrolling in Columbia Basin College to get a General AA degree would make the transfer into a 4-year college run smoother. Therefore, Brandon Patton decided to re-enroll into Columbia Basin College and complete the 2 classes needed to get an additional degree.

Brandon Patton Degree in Liberal Arts

Army Commendation Medal

On the second combat tour, Brandon Patton was stationed at Joint Base Balad in Iraq. His mission on this deployment was to guard Prisoners of War inside the ICU at the largest Hospital in the Middle East located in Iraq. This Hospital also served as the Primary Care Hospital for Critically Injured Us Soldiers that were either killed in action or needed to be stabilized before being flown to Germany. The POW insurgents and the US Soldiers were literally in the same room with a large wall separating the two sides of the room. After spending 12 months in this environment Brandon received the Medal shown below.

Brandon Patton Army Medal

Washington State University

Brandon Patton decided that he wanted to get a Degree that would allow him to attend Law School later in life if he decided to attend graduate school. When Brandon Transferred his Criminal Justice Degree and his Liberal Arts Degree from Colombia Basin College into Washington State University he completed another Degree Audit. After completing the Degree Audit it made sense to focus on Political Science and Social Sciences to earn the Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science.

Brandon Patton Washington State University

Brandon Patton MBA Degree

After Brandon Patton completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science he ended up getting his Real Estate license when his Brother in Law, Jesse Fox talked him into trying to start a family business. Brandon Patton completed his Real Estate license and exam all within 30 days using Rockwell Institute and now he is even a satellite school for Rockwell Real Estate School. Brandon worked as a Real Estate Agent in Tri-Cities for 2 years and completed his hours and additional schooling to take the exam to be a Designated Broker/Owner of a Real Estate Company. When Brandon Patton opened Real Estate Market Leaders he decided to skip the idea of Law School and pursue an MBA Degree instead. After completing his MBA degree his was able to secure a number of large government contracts such as being the HUD listings broker and the VA listing Broker for REO properties.

Brandon Patton MBA Degree

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